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We’re a passionate digital marketing agency revolutionizing the traditional ad agency model. Our team has spent the past few years developing a proven strategy to power businesses online growth through strategic radio campaigns, coupled with powerful SEO outreach campaigns. The end result? Dynamic business growth for our partners.

The best part? We charge our clients absolutely nothing! As a normal marketing agency, we work under a radio agency commission, and do our SEO outreach work with that commission as well.

Why Radio?

A recent study, conducted by the Radio Advertising Bureau, demonstrates that brands utilizing radio get their money back almost eight times and over on average, and in several sectors, radio gives the very best return on investment than any media.

And a recent Nielsen study, Comparable Metrics Report, compared radio to all other advertising mediums.

AM/FM radio reached over 90% of all adults in a given week during third-quarter 2015, a percentage that is consistent across demos—92% among 18-34 year-olds, 95% for 35-49-year-olds and 91% for persons 50+.

The power of radio for business branding and growth has never been stronger.

Why SEO?

These days, top placements on search engines have never been more powerful. From on-site structure to ongoing content to off-site social signal and link building, the SEO industry is a very powerful tool in a business arsenal.

Setting up a comprehensive SEO strategy can result in very large business gains in today’s marketplace. Today’s biggest SEO win comes in the form of outreach campaigns, with the goal of brand awareness and link building activities to boost a business website’s online footprint.

By combining all these strategies and tactics, we’ll be able to attract more potential clients to your website when they are searching for your business.

Our Unique Model To Combine The Two

Radio advertising drives direct, branded traffic to your website(s). Plain and simple, right? But, most companies do not take advantage of this invaluable resource to help boost organic rankings at the same time. Our teams setup strategic radio messaging to drive the proven amount of website traffic to help drive more organic growth.

As a secondary tool, we work with our radio groups on providing additional SEO value add-ons as well, such as having their personalities blog about your business.

Our proven methodology will not only get you on-air brand awareness and more website traffic, we’ll dramatically grow your business together.

Our Agency Fees

Like any traditional marketing agency, we will get a 17% commission on any radio campaigns we secure on your behalf. Now unlike any traditional marketing agency, we don’t just take that commission and call it a day. We re-invest a majority of it into very powerful SEO campaigns and work to drive website visitors and conversions. Because of this, we’re looking for strategic partners, not one and done client media buys.

Our Partners Featured In

Through our SEO campaigns, some of our partners have been featured in some big publications. Here are just a few of them.


  • Case Study: Statewide Law Firm

    One of our partners is a criminal defense firm in the United States that focuses on cases in one state. They’ve always found some success using radio campaigns over the…

The strategic model from Wave Organic has far surpassed any previous lead volume we’ve seen. They truly have a passion for meshing SEO and radio to produce results.

Tom A.

Founder, Law Firm

When I was first approached by the team, I thought it was too good to be true. Great SEO campaigns at no additional cost to us? I can tell you it has helped us grow dramatically this year.

Ron B.


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We offer a very unique model. Powerful radio campaign buying strategy to help power organic website growth. More leads, no extra costs at all. The agency commission on your radio buys fuels our SEO campaign work!

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